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Tree of the Month


This live oak stands at the top of a hill set off from Broad Street between Arlington Park and the Airbus facility.  Fortunately located in a quiet area overlooking Mobile Bay, it once greeted visitors to Mobile's renowned Bay Shell Road and has weathered the challenges of man and nature for well over 100 years. We will update soon with measurement and estimated age of this “Arlington Oak.”

Magnolia in Church Street Graveyard #2.HEIC

The western side of Church Street Graveyard has an eerie and hypnotic feeling. Dark and mysterious even on the sunniest day, it is shaded by the powerful branches of these giant Magnolias.  


Sha'arai Shomayim is another quiet cemetery where Mobile's most magnificent trees flourish. The row of oaks at the entrance of "Jewish Rest," as it was once known, are some of the healthiest examples of of live oaks in Mobile. 

satsuma day, december 8th _edited.jpg
satsuma day_edited.jpg
satsuma day december 8 1914_edited.jpg
FOMT November orange tree.jpg
Montgomery Advertiser, December 9, 1914
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