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You know that our iconic trees contribute to the beauty of our city. 

But, did you know that they also contribute to our citizens’ health? 

Just two mature trees can produce over 500 pounds of oxygen per year, enough fresh, clean air for a family of four!   

Trees reduce air pollution by intercepting airborne particulates, making our air healthier. 

Trees help block sound and reduce the traffic noise that contribute to stress, a common factor in many health issues. 


Trees reduce our semi-tropical rain’s impact by filtering storm water, reducing run-off, preventing soil erosion and reduce flooding. Trees can even cool our city by up to 10 degrees!

We are so fortunate to live in a place that understands  and values the critical role trees play in making our city so special. Please, join us in making a contribution to ensure that future generations enjoy the beauty and benefits of our world class trees for years to come.  

Send  your tax deductible contributions
and email address to:



PO Box 8072 

Mobile, Al.36689

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