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To Our First Founding Friends

John Robb 

Rick Rivers

Ann Stafford

Eleanor ter Horst

Timothy T Jackson

David N Roberts Jr and

David A Roberts

Quin Hillyer

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Image 360, Inc.

Port City Pacers

Phillip Dodd Nursery, LLC

Did You Know ?

Our iconic trees contribute to the beauty of our city.  But, did you know that they also contribute to our citizens’ health?   


  • Just two mature trees can produce over 500 pounds of oxygen per year, enough fresh, clean air for a family of four!   

  • Trees reduce air pollution by intercepting airborne particulates, making our air healthier. 

  • Trees help block sound and reduce the traffic noise that contribute to stress, a common factor in many health issues. 


Trees reduce our semi-tropical rain’s impact by filtering stormwater, reducing run-off, preventing soil erosion and reduce flooding. Trees can even cool our city by up to 10 degrees! 

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