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Mobile's Historic Treescape

Bay Shell Road in Caldwell Delaney The Story of Mobile page 75.jpg

We are charmed with the drive along its shady avenues, past many of the venerable mansions of the last century on which the dignity of age gracefully rests...many of the streets are bordered with the mammoth live oak trees - what marvelous trees!

Scranton Tribune, September 28, 1901
original tree trail of 1983 text #1.JPG

Original Tree Trail, 1983

original tree trail of 1983 text #3.JPG

Historic Images

Avenue of the Oaks at Spring Hill College, c. 1890 Zadek .jpg
Spring Hill College, c. 1900
Bienville Square c. 1892 zadek book.png
Bienville Square, c. 1880
Government Street with Ketchum house 1913 from
Government Street, c. 1910
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