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Friends of Mobile Trees preserves, promotes and celebrates our world class trees.

NOW is the time to PLANT for the future, so Mobile will continue to FLOURISH

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The City and County of Mobile, Alabama are blessed with some of the world’s most beautiful trees. They clean the air we breathe, shade us from harmful sun rays, cool us in hot weather and enhance our lives in many other ways. They also attract tourists to grow our economy.


Friends of Mobile Trees is dedicated to preserving and restoring our urban forest, inviting community participation and partnerships. As a 501c3 Corporation, all contributions and donations to our efforts are tax deductible.

We Need Your Help

to restore and protect

Mobile's Urban Forest

As an IRS-approved 501c3 Corporation, Friends of Mobile Trees depends on the support of businesses and individuals like you, in addition to public and private grants, to fulfill its mission. An initial $10,000 matching fund is in place to encourage your support and help us meet our goals.

Your Donation Allows Us To:

Nurture our existing trees

Collaborate with Mobile's arborists to plant new trees

Replace trees we are losing with species appropriate to their locations.


MARCH 2024


On St.Patrick’s Day, in keeping with the spirit of the Irish, we open our minds to wondrous and fanciful ideas like rainbows that end at a pot of gold ... or leprechauns that appear magically in trees.


In 2006, the mysterious apparition of a leprechaun's face made this tree on LeCren St. internationally famous.

Here’s the original story of the "Crichton Leprechaun Tree" and a follow-up 2015. Some neighbors believed the tree had been taken down but Shun Thomas, who claims to have made the first sighting, describes the event and shows the tree to reporter Emily Hill. 


Original 2006 Report:


2015 Report: Crichton leprechaun revisited: Meet the man who discovered the legend -

leprechaun tree 2.jpg
leprechaun tree 1.jpg
leprechaun sketch.jpg
leprechaun painting.jpg

View Tree of the Month Archives

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Use our digital Mobile Tree Trail 
to discover some of Mobile's most impressive trees

and check back often for newly curated selections

zoom in and click on any tree icon to learn more.

or select by location or variety

Crichton Leprechaun Tree
Boyington Oak, Bayou St.
Duffee Oak, Caroline St.
Red Maples, S. Claiborne St.
Bienville Square
British Park
Washington Square


choose varieties by color





Sweet Gum


Oak Canopy, Michigan St.

Oak Canopy, Broad St.

Centenarian Oaks, Dauphin St.

Magnolia Cemetery

Sweet gum, Selma St.

Slash Pines, Dauphin St.

Cypress Grove, Spring Hill Ave.

Avenue of the Oaks, Old Shell Rd.

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proudly planting for the future across Mobile County
memorial tree planting nov 20, 2022.jpg
Memorial Planting, 11.20.22

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